We are so blessed to have many colleges around the country come to learn and volunteer at 180.  Our Alternative Break program is a dynamic week of projects, team-building and relationship-building for college students looking for a life changing experience. You to learn what it takes to produce organic food, (from the ground up) and how that impacts those who have cancer or other serious disease in our community.  

If your college would like to volunteer, or have an Alternative Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Break at the farm, please email Nicole (nicole@180farm.org) for more information or to set a date.

What do you typically do while on Alternative Break at the farm?

  • Packing food for cancer patients
  • Working in the gardens mulching, planting, harvesting, etc..
  • Moving animals to different paddocks, setting up fencing
  • Small construction projects like building chicken tractors, raised beds, a citrus greenhouse, etc.
  • Planting fruit trees
  • Putting up trellis
  • Collecting and washing chicken and duck eggs
  • Family dinner - During the time your team is here, we will plan an evening to have a dinner together.   This is always a wonderful time getting to know each of you and have some great conversations.

What do you need to bring?  Weather appropriate clothing (that you don't mind getting dirty).  outdoor work shoes (waterproof is always good), gloves, a great attitude, suntan lotion, baseball cap or  beanie to protect from sun and wind, rain coat, and all personal overnight gear.

Accommodations:  We have been extremely blessed to have local hotels donate rooms for the visiting students, within a 10 mile radius from the farm.  Once we have agreed on a date for your school, we will reach out to one of our hotel partners for rooms.  We like to keep our AB groups to a maximum of 12, so you will typically be 4 to a room

**Other accommodations may be made in the event we can't get rooms for your stay.

Past Colleges that have participated at 180:

Appalachian State University 

Michigan State University (last 2 years)

University of Georgia

Agnes Scott College

Emory University

​Central Michigan University  (last 4 years)

University of Florida (last 6  years)

University of California

Click here for pictures of our past teams.


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