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Disclaimer: The information contained in this story is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is provided for educational purposes only.  We are not doctors, just parents trying make a difference in the lives of those with cancer. 

This is the story of our little boy, Mason, who changed our family’s life to the extreme, and impacted many more through his amazing testimony.   This journey, as a family, really began in 2006.  We had been searching for property, and in August of that year, we finally found the land of our dreams.   It was beautiful – complete with a lake and plenty of open pasture.   Nicole and I were constantly downloading house plans, looking for the perfect house to go on this perfect piece of property; however a month later everything changed.

In early September of 2006, Mason our 3 year old, had been frequently and inexplicably throwing up, while also being very constipated. Nicole took him to the pediatrician, where the doctor felt a sizeable lump in his abdomen.  The doctor thought it was his colon, due to his constipation, and told us to give him an enema and keep her posted.  We gave it to him and he finally went to the bathroom, but the lump was still there. 

We walked in and they immediately got him started on his 2 hour contrast beverage and prepping him for the CAT-scan.  The actual scan was over in less than ten minutes and back to the waiting room we went.  Five minutes later, we received the phone call that rocked our world.  It was his pediatrician on the phone and asked to speak to Nicole.  She stepped over to the nurses’ stand and the next thing I heard was screaming and crying.  Tears ran down the side of my face.  I knew it was bad news and all I could do was try to not lose it in front of my little boy.  Nicole came back to the room and said to me,  “He has a tumor and there is a very high chance it is cancer.”  The look in her eyes said more to me than any words could do justice.  My wife was hurting and I was so confused.  Mason’s doctor immediately called the pediatric oncologist and made an appointment for us the next day.     

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