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Our boys were healthy and Mason’s cancer was gone.  Completely healed!  The cancer that was in his lymph nodes had calcified and sealed completely.  Changing our diet to organic didn't cure him of cancer, however, it did give his body the proper ammunition to heal.   

Mason’s testimony was transforming us.  The anger we had was changing to “What can we do with what we have?”  The medical bills depleted our savings, but we still had our land.  Nicole and I wanted to do more than just grow food for ourselves, but also for our community.  This information was too important to sit on and do nothing with.
We decide to start a non-profit organization on the land we had purchased.  We called it “180 Degree Farm”, a turn in the right direction.  “GROW-GIVE-TEACH” would be at the core of our foundation and we hoped to impact many lives in our community. 

Today, 180 Degree Farm has a CSA program, a Farm to Hospital program and market, as well as many teaching and speaking engagements throughout the year .  We produce fruits and vegetables, lamb, and chicken & duck eggs. 

Since opening in 2009, we’ve conducted educational workshops,  hosted several food and farm  related documentary screenings, and donated over 60 thousand pounds of organically grown foods to people in need; thanks to partners like UNFI, CTCA, and Trinity Church.   Over 75% of our customers are sick.  Illnesses like cancer, severe food allergies, autism, auto-immune disorders and many others, so these foods are important to them.  

We've invested heavily in our soil and strive to produce the most nutritionally dense foods we can.  We also teach monthly at CTCA (check our Speaking Engagements page for dates and times) on food awareness and nutrition, based on what we have learned through Mason's journey back to good health. Furthermore, we continue to research and learn better ways nutrition can help the body heal from disease and sickness. This will never stop, thanks to your support!     
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I wanted to know more.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I discovered Joel Salatin, Will Allen, Michael Pollan, The Organic Center, The Gerson Institute, Elliot Coleman, and many others.  Raw fruits and veggies, juicing, grass fed meats and organs (especially liver), and raw milk; my head was spinning in a good way.  All of these things were foods God provided, unaltered, righteous, and wholesome.  The way it should be.

Our diet changed.  No more going out 4 nights a week or cooking meat with a side of meat.  Now it was heavy vegetables with a small portion of meat.  Juicing was becoming the norm.  We read labels, either grew or bought organic, and opted out of the grocery store foods as much as we could.  Going to a restaurant now is an occasion or special event. 

We found a great grass fed meat source and a raw goat milk source too.  We discovered the benefits of apple cider vinegar, Omega 3 fatty acids, cod liver oil, and whole food vitamins.  The pain in my joints from lupus, an auto-immune disorder, was gone.  In the past, I would routinely have ice on my knees at night because of the swelling, but no longer since we’ve changed our diet.