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We told our doctor we wanted more proof that he needed chemo.  We asked that he send the results of Mason’s tests to the top three children’s cancer hospitals in the country, to see if they agreed with his recommendation.  The doctor wasn’t thrilled, but obliged and told us there was no way they would all come back in agreement.  He said it would take a few days to hear back.

That evening, Nicole and I prayed for the results to be unanimous.  A few days later, our doctor came by and wanted to discuss starting chemo treatment later that day.  We asked if there was any response yet from the other doctors and he said he would check to see.  A few hours later, he came back and said he was very surprised that all three doctors had the same response.  They all agreed that we should do routine MIBG and CAT scan tests and watch for any progression.   An answered prayer - Thank God!  We told the doctor we would not be going through chemo and we were leaving.  He wasn’t very happy with us, but we had faith and hope.  We weren’t going to give our child toxic chemicals for the sake of the doctors sales pitch. 

Bringing Mason home was a challenge at first.  We had to sterilize everything and we had to adjust to the line in his heart.  It had to be flushed twice a day so he didn’t get any clots or infection.  Mason developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive patch that covered the open wound in his chest, which made cleaning the area painful for him.   It wasn’t but a month, after his first follow up MIBG and CAT scan came back clear, that we told the doctor to take the line out.  Chemo wasn’t an option for us.
During this time, I began to read case studies and research papers about his cancer.  I wanted to know where this came from and my research led me to pesticides as the main contributor.  But how?   I’d been growing food for a long time and it was grown organically.  Yes, I bought veggies from the store, but we washed them.    

Then I discovered a paper written by Dr. Charles Benbrook.  His paper explained how pesticides that are sprayed on the plants are absorbed by the leaves and roots.  They are also absorbed into the cells of the fruits and vegetables we eat and can’t be washed off.  Also, most of these fruits and vegetables are sprayed with not one, but sometimes two or more pesticide chemicals and we end up consuming a pesticide cocktail.  Next we discovered GMO’s, and I was again sick, angry, and disturbed that none of this information was out there for the general public.  I guess cancer is a better option than a massive revolt in the food system, from the government’s perspective.   After all, they wouldn’t want the lobbyist money from the big food companies to stop coming in, would they?

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