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(7) Shoulder Chops (2/pkg)
​(1) Shoulder Roast
(16) Loin Chops (4/pkg)
(2) Rack of Lamb
(1) Whole Leg of Lamb - Bone In
(2) Leg Roasts - Bone in
(4) Shanks - Bone in
(1) pkg Ground Lamb
(1) pkg Stew Meat
(2) pkg Spareribs
(1) large pkg of Neck steaks - bone in
(1) medium bag of bones
Optional organ meat (Liver, Heart, Kidneys)


Pasture Raised & Grass Finished Lamb

We have two breeds of lamb, Katahbados  (Katahdin and Barbados mix) and Sulfolk: Combining these two breeds gives us the best of both worlds; Micro-marbled, very tender meat and larger cuts.  Weights average 34-40 pounds per whole, processed lamb. 

Grass fed lamb has higher protein and lower fat content, as well as twice the amount of lutein compared to its conventional counterpart. Lutein is closely related to beta-carotene, but is absorbed more readily. Lutein reduces the risk of macular degeneration (a leading cause of blindness) and may also help prevent breast and colon cancer, according to "Eat Wild.com". 

We sell our lamb in the market when available.  The typical cuts are listed below: