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We have a new way for cancer patients to get the healing food they need, when they need it - the 180 "Food Fight Program"!  The 180 "Food Fight Program" enables cancer fighters to purchase anything they need from the 180 Farmacy (aka the 180 Degree Farm market). They have $20 to use each week for up to 5 weeks. Once we have a card available, the next cancer fighter on our list will receive a $100 180 Degree Farm "Food Fight Program" punch card.  

If you are battling cancer and are unable to afford the lifestyle change it takes to heal from the disease and/or the chemo, please contact Nicole (nicole@180farm.org) for more information and to get on the 180 "Food Fight Program"  list.


Can YOU help us feed those who are fighting this awful disease? We have immediate needs and we need your help to make it happen. A $100 donation will feed one cancer patient for 5 weeks!  
You are donating towards a cause that is changing the way we fight cancer! Providing the cleanest, nutrient dense, organically grown food IS one of the best medicines for a cancer patient. To donate towards our Food Fight Program, click on the donate button below.  Thank you for your support!